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First Things First – The Cat Litter Box

The very first thing you need to address when bringing a new cat into the house is to purchase a Cat Litter Box along with some Cat Litter.  This is not a difficult task but there are a few things to think about that will help with your selection. And don’t worry, cats are extremely intelligent when it comes to finding and using their box. That is one reason why we love them since they are much cleaner than other pets.

Choosing the Cat Litter Box

Bigger is always better but you need to make sure the box will fit in the space you intend to keep it.  The basic plastic litter box is really all you need but we suggest at a minimum that you get a splash proof cover that keeps the litter in the box when your cat sweeps the litter with their paw to cover their excretion. This is typically a small 2 to 4 inch upright lid that your cat simply steps over to get into the box. You can avoid a ton of mess using this lid since it catches the litter being swept aside and keeps it in the box. There is also an Igloo type plastic top where your cat can go inside. This does provide some privacy but most cats do not require this. It also helps not only with mess but with controlling smells as well.

Choosing the Cat Litter

Picking the cheap cat litter works in many instances, however you have to consider the size of the granules as a factor. The key is the one you start with, you should continue to use because cats don’t like change and if you do decide to change for any reason, do it gradually.

Here are some of your options. You can choose a scented cat litter versus a non-scented or fragrant free litter. Their is also organic and natural litters, some even made with pine needles. You can also choose a flushable type of litter versus a scoopable clumping type. We typically save our plastic grocery bags and use a large Cat Litter Scoop to dump the clumps into and then throw away.

We use Purina Tidy Cats Premium Scoop for Multiple Cats.

What About Cat Litter Furniture?

The final thing to consider would be if you want to improve the overall looks of your cat litter box setup.  This is not a necessity but depending on where you keep the cat litter box in your home, can make a huge difference. There are many manufacturers of Cat Litter Furniture which allow you to keep the litter box enclosed so it is not in view from anywhere in the room you keep it in.  These come in a variety of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, and in some cases even a stone type look or finish.

For the most part, what the cat litter furniture does is cover the litter box but still allows your cat to enter and exit without difficulty.  You may even find that it also helps with controlling any smells that can exude from the box. The bottom line is for you to truly consider this as a piece of furniture so make sure whatever you select matches the  decor of your room.



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Cat Art

Cats are the most refined and elegant creatures, hence they have been the inspiration for many artists, performers and illustrators for creating unique cat art, from historic times. The vision of impressionist painters depicts the cat on the arms of forlorn girls as the loving fellow and this provides inspiration for painters and poets for their own exceptional cat art. Many individuals consider cats as a work of art in themselves and are therefore frequently portrayed on cat art gifts and many cat art products.

An enigmatic pet, considered as sacred by many civilizations at different times, the fascination produced by cat art and the contemplation of a cat has something esoteric and mysterious. This little representative of the family members of felines has been part of the history of man with a charisma totally different from the one related to the dog.  Contrary to the dog, cats have not lost their identity of semi-wild pet and their independence, frequently represented in the cat art portrait.

Part of the beauty of the cat within cat art is primarily based not only on its feline qualities but on its libertarian conduct. An abandoned dog suffers much more simply because of the absence of affection than for the absence of food or a home, however some may say a cat does not need an owner and it comes closer to man to receive what the host can provide: food, heat, and so on. Although many a cat owner would disagree.

There is more than one reason to consider images of cats in cat art  as really exceptional works of artistic expression. The feline beauty, the independence, the joy, the playfulness, a cat be an original collection of surprises. The scenes collected within creative cat art or in simple cat art portraits are able to present all the facets of the life of a cat and they can go even further, it is amazing to see how many painters in their cat art paintings are able to associate cats with attitudes which are deeply human.

The pictorial work of Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) offers a proof of the space dedicated to cats in cat art painting. The impressionist French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), who was regarded as one of the greatest creative artists of his time, had as a recurrent idea the pictorial representation of cats; they appear on many of his artworks one of them being ‘Le jeune garçon au chat’.

Louis Wain (1860-1939) was an English artist famous for his works of cat art. He started to paint cats after twenty years of age, for some time he was a reputable painter, but when the demand for his work reduced, he wasn’t able to overcome the situation. However he left us many cat art portrayals of reflecting the mischievous feline character.
Balthazar Klossowski de Rola (1908-2001), an artist from Poland, started painting cats from childhood. When he had reached nine years of age the grief produced by the loss of his dearest cat Mitsou pushed him to keep its memory alive through artistic cat art portrayals and many sketches and drawings. This painter was fascinated throughout his entire life by cats. Therefore he did not lose the chance of including many of them in his artworks.

We can find many more testimonials of how inspiring cats were for cat art, even from the times of historic Egypt. In modern times even cartoonists have dedicated a place for cat art in comics and cartoons like Krazy Kat, Felix the Cat, Top Cat and Garfield, proving cat art is definately here to stay.


Purina Cat Food Coupons

Purina cat food coupons are the perfect way to save money on your cat’s favored foods and treats. Purina has been a trusted brand for years, starting back in the day where there was only cat and kitten chow. But today, Purina’s commitment to your kitty’s health has spawned a large selection of cat food products, for all types and ages of cats. A coupon for Purina cat food allows you to save money by means ofout your cat’s life. They even make specialty foods for targeted health conditions, including prescription diet cat foods that are only available by means of your veterinarian. With Purina cat food coupons, you know you are giving your kitty superb nutrition without having to strain your budget.

When your cat is a kitten, Purina cat food deals are readily available on many of Purina’s food for kittens. One of the most popular foods is Purina Kitten Chow, which provides your young cat with all of the nutrition he or she wants for development. For even more nutritional advantage, you might use a Purina cat food coupon on the Purina One line of foods, which includes hen, easily digested rice, DHA, vitamins and antioxidants. If you would prefer that your kitten eats a high protein diet, Purina Pro Plan is just what you are wanting for, still containing all of the nutrition your kitten requires. Occasionally kittens prefer wet food over dry, so you can also use Purina cat food coupons on Pro Plan wet kitten food or even Fancy Feast gourmet canned kitten meals in turkey or whitefish varieties.

As your cat matures, Purina cat food deals can be used on Purina’s large line of dry or wet cat foods. If your cat’s food desire is dried, a coupon can save you money on many products for cats. Purina Cat Chow now has 4 styles, which are total, Indoor for less energetic cats, Naturals with high protein and no additives and Healthful Life with more nutritional advantages. In addition, Purina deals can be used on delicious, nutritional cat foods such as Kit & Kaboodle or Deli-Cat. 

Other Purina adult cat foods are offered in dry or wet types. Gourmet Fancy Feast dry foods come in exquisite flavors such as Filet Mignon, Shrimp, hen and Turkey. Canned Fancy Feast’s selections are extensive for the finickiest of cats. The Elegant Medleys, Appetizers and Gourmet cans not only come in hard to find flavors that cats love, they are even offered in various styles, such as flaked, sliced, minced, roasted, morsels and chunky. The Friskies line of Purina cat food also presents dry and wet cat foods in a large selection of flavors and styles. In addition, Purina One adult cat food provides superb nutrition and Pro Plan comprises wonderfuler protein, all readily available in various flavors of dry or canned. With your Purina cat food coupons, you can save on cat food costs viaout your cat’s life. You can also try Purina’s extensive variety of cat foods at a great cost savings.

As your cat ages, so do his or her dietary needs. For your senior cat, you can use Purina cat food coupons on foods specially formulated for your kitty’s unique nutritional wants. Use your coupon on Purina One intelligent Blend vibrant Maturity 7+, which is a dry food that consists of glucosamine, Vitamin E, omega fatty acids and antioxidants. You can also try Pro Plan dry that has extra protein as well. If your senior cat prefers wet food, Pro Plan also carries a selection of canned food, as does the Friskies line.

Aside from Purina cat food coupons being offered for all phases of your cat’s life, there are times when your cat might require a special diet. Friskies, Purina One and Purina Pro Plan carry targeted nutrition cat foods to help cats with urinary tract health, sensitive skin, weight problems and even hairballs. At times, if your cat develops more serious problems, your veterinarian can prescribe Purina’s Veterinary Diets to help with conditions such as kidney, dentistry, not allergenic conditions and more.

As you can see, a coupon for Purina cat food is accessible by means ofout your cat’s life, and can even help when your kitty might require a special diet. Purina’s devotion to cat nutrition and health is why they have been so popular with consumers for such a long time. They are a trusted brand, which pleases you, and they make great cat foods, which pleases your cat. So use your Purina cat food coupons today – and don’t forget the Friskies and Whisker Lickin’s cat treats!


Basic Steps To Cat Toilet Training

Just about from birth, most kittens intuitively will want to find something like a litter box in which to relieve themselves. The habit is not simply passed on from the mother, but is also an instinct to bury their waste and conceal the scents from potential predators. While encouraging a kitten to take advantage of a litter box is normally as easy as watching for signs of squatting and immediately putting the kitten in the litter, teaching a cat toilet training is much more challenging.

Having a cat that uses the toilet instead of relying on a litter box is achievable, although the process can be tedious and inconvenient for the involved humans and felines alike. The key principle is patience and a willingness to make progress in minuscule steps, easing gradually toward the goal. The first step is as basic as placing the litter box in the bathroom for numerous weeks, giving the cat time to adjust to the new general site.

After the bathroom is established as the new site for the cat to relieve itself, the cat toilet training reaches another levels. Place the litter box on a box no more than a foot high, and see if the cat accepts the new level without incident or accident. Cats are not ordinarily coy in expressing their dissatisfaction of litter situation; if the cat goes outside of the box, reduce its height and raise it no more than six inches. Over a window of weeks, raise the elevation of the litter box, making for certain that its supports are sturdy enough not to distress the cat, until the box rests at the elevation of the toilet.

Now the greatest inconvenience comes for the recurring human users of the toilet. Start off with the litter box on the closed toilet seat. Subsequently take away the box and loosely spread transparent plastic wrap on top of the seat, with a little litter distributed across it. This will satisfy the cat that not only is this the exact location to relieve itself, but there is nonetheless a little sand to scratch. The wrap will not sustain the cat’s weight, but, necessitating balance.

Training a cat toilet training does not necessitate much trouble, but does demand time and patience and a willingness to regress a step every time the cat shows signs of displeasure with the hasty progression. The end result can be extremely worth it, then again, when the litter box is not a perpetual odor and unpleasant task in your house.


Just Like You, The Cat Needs Fish Oil

Does your cat have dry, hairless patches? Does she display signs of low or no energy as well as stiff joints? Maybe you need to get them a pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acids fish oil supplement. What? You may be considering right this moment.

Well, much like fish oil for humans, omega-3 fatty acids fish oil for felines can help improve its immune system, cognitive functions, arthritis, behavior, cholesterol levels, offer cancer prevention and give them a vibrant coat.

Benefits of fish oil for cats may also assist with inflammation that, if left untreated, can lead to the kind of problems as strokes, heart attacks, high-cholesterol, early death, and numerous different types of infections.

Fish oil for cats is also really efficient in treating a multitude of health problems and maximizing their survival rate. Veterinarians are using omega-3 fatty acids fish oil for cats in a regular treatment routine simply because they are much more easily assimilated into the system and indicate results faster than all the others.

Exactly like our food, its food does not have the additional Omega-3 fatty acids which they need as much as all of us do. You might be asking yourself why you should be worried about such a small dietary detail for a cat, yet let’s face it, exactly what would all of us do without having our furry friends? Research shows that owners of pets have got significantly less health problems than people who don’t special pets.

It’s already been proven that family pet owners have a lower heart attack mortality rate by three percent, much better psychological well-being, lower triglyceride and levels of cholesterol, much less anxiety, and visit the doctor  less as compared to people who do not have pets.

Research also demonstrates that children who’ve pets experience a nurturing character that may continue into adulthood, stay involved in extracurricular activities, for example sports, clubs, and hobbies, have enhanced cognitive abilities, and less allergic reactions when exposed to pets throughout the 1st years of life.

After giving the cat omega-3 fatty acids fish oil, you may not see a change for a few months. That’s simply because, again, the same as us, their systems change from within. From individual cells, to tissues, to organs, and ultimately the skin and hair comes out glowing. You don’t have to buy a special omega-3 fatty acids fish oil for cats, the ones we use works perfectly.

Omega-3 fatty acids that supply most benefits are DHA and EPA. Check labels very carefully to discover the purest form of omega-3 fatty acids fish oil that filter out harmful toxins in the fish from the water streams they come from, making sure it’s already been molecularly distilled in order to filter the toxins which include the dangerous chemical substances mercury and dioxin. It is true our own cats need all of us for their well being just like we need them for our health. Buy fish oil for cats for your loved cat today.



Things To Think About When Purchasing Cat Litter Boxes

You may not know all the different kinds of litter boxes now available. Newer models can help control odors, prevent the litter from getting tracked around the house, and automatically clean themselves. Keep reading to learn more about some of the available models of cat litter boxes.

The simple pans that you pour the litter into and clean out when necessary are the best known type of kitty litter boxes. There are numerous disadvantages that are well known with this type of litter box. Because these pans are wide open, there is no odor control. There are cats who like to have so privacy and so prefer a covered litter box. You have to clean this box yourself unlike more advanced solutions. There are benefits of this type of litter pan, however. The obvious one is that it’s a lot cheaper than other kinds, usually for under $20. The simple pan is ideal for kittens and older cats who may find it difficult to access the more complicated models. If you dislike the labor of a standard litter box your can take a look at the “toilet for cats” called the CatGenie self cleaning cat box system. This is a great option if you don’t mind the expense of installation and filter replacement. With this sanitary waste removal system you’ll never have to scoop another litter box ever!

We do hope that what you will have discovered so far relevant to petcare tips, together with additionally the particular info regarding caring for your cat, is helpful for your requirements. Now please continue on more below to have added info regarding these topics.

Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox is another alternative in innovative litter boxes that keep litter from being tracked outside the box with its unique top entry design. This box gives cats privacy they need with features you like in an award winning litter box. This unit is designed to keep dogs out of the litter box which is a major concern for cat owners who also have dogs in the house.

A great alternative to traditional boxes is the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox reasonable priced at $50 compared with other higher priced one. So as you can see you do have a lot of different options available to you these days. You can now pick one based on how it will go with your furniture as well as its practical function. If you don’t care for the labor intensive traditional litter box you can choose a more advances automatic or self cleaning unit like the CatGenie system. Keep in mind that the more features you desire the higher price you will pay when deciding on a litter box that fits your budget and the needs of your cat.


Using a Cat Toy Ball to Exercise Your Cat

Are you a feline lover at heart? Do you have a pet that you treat like part of the household? Are you continuously looking for tips on how to take much better of your cat? If you want to know the key to having a healthy and balanced and satisfied feline, then you will need to make sure the beloved feline gets all the physical exercise that it demands. Though there are some people who feel that it’s just normal for a cat to lazily lounge around for the most part of the day, it’s basically just a reflection of how lazy or inattentive the pet owner really is.

Contrary to popular perception, cats like to move around just as much as dogs. Though it may not seem that clear, felines like physical and mental arousal and attention just as much as any other animal. Since different cats have various ways of keeping themselves entertained, one needs to study the precise breed in order to establish what it likes. Take the time comprehending your pet a little bit more and it will be a lot easier to know what he/she genuinely wants and needs.

Exercise can do wonders for your loveable fur ball. Putting him/her through a regular exercise routine will not only prevent illnesses, but it will also ensure that he/she develops strong and lean muscles. If you’re thinking of giving your cat an exercise regimen, try not to overwhelm or pressure your pet into a program that it just isn’t use to. You can begin it off by introducing a cat toy ball in its area. You really don’t have to do much to convince him/her to play with it as it is a part of a feline’s nature to be inquisitive.  The key is to take it slow so you’re pet has time to create a optimistic mindset towards the ball. Don’t do anything that will make it feel like its being pressured into playing with it.

The great factor about this cat toy ball is that it can supply the pet with hours and hours of enjoyment. Not only is it regarded to be an successful tool in stimulating the pet physically, but the proper toy ball can also offer the correct mental arousal. Since the toy ball can come in a broad variety of different colours and materials, make sure to search for one that would suit the cat best. Avoid utilizing just any typical ball as there are some that may turn out to be hazardous for their well being.

A cat toy ball provides hours of fun for your feline. Using a cat toy is a great way for them to get exercise.


The Maine Coon – The Biggest Domestic Cat Breed

If a person choose to get a cat for their home, the needs that they have are typically different due to their various tastes and lifestyle. If the person has a lot of work in a different location, then he or she must get a cat for outdoors. If kids are present in the house, then the cat should have a cheerful temperament to have some fun time with the children. Smaller cats are compatible for houses that are small. But for people craving for the biggest breed of domestic cat, then what you’re looking for is the Maine Coon.

Mysterious Origins

Early tales have been all around the existence of the Maine Coon, or also called the biggest domestic cat breed. Of course from its name, it’s apparent that it is an inhabitant of America’s state of Maine. Also, the Maine Coon is believed to be a repercussion of a semi wild domestic as well as a raccoon. However, this idea is said to be wrong. Even though that the saying that it’s a by-product of a raccoon is incorrect, its name is known as the Maine Coon because its shades are analogous to the raccoon’s, as well as its fluffy furs.

The next speculation in connection with the Maine Coon is that its existence started during the French Revolution when a woman named Marie Antoinette brought six cats to a place in Maine called Wiscasset. This belief may not have been disregarded completely but a more believable theory is that this cat breed is a descendant of short-haired domestic cats and the long-haired cats in which they have been delivered to the United States.

An Appearance To Remember

Of course, since it’s known as the biggest domestic cat breed, people will certainly not forget the Maine Coon. Talking about its weight, it’s incorrect that it weighs greater than 30 pounds. The male cat breed generally weighs between 13 and 18 pounds while the weight of the female is between 9 and 12 pounds. An additional element that makes it the largest cat is its tallness plus those muscular body and large bones.

All of its physical characteristics leave the Maine Coon well-equipped for outdoor survival; its thick, water resistant fur is ideal for the severe Maine climate. Their eyes and ears are specifically created to offer ample sight and hearing capability. Their feet are big, round, and tufted to enable them walk through the snow.

The Mew Of A Kitten From The Mouth of A Lion

Although the Maine Coon is famous as the biggest domestic cat breed, it is not cruel to its owner. In fact, its character is sweet and friendly making them great pets to cat lovers.

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Why can’t I Train My Cat?

If your feline buddy  starts to show cat behavioral problems, your instinctive action may be to raise your instruction work in hopes of modifying the situation. While cat training is an necessary portion of raising a well-behaved animal, a lot of problems come from causes training will not resolve.

Cat owners ought to understand cat behavioral problems may have other main causes and dealing with those triggers can be the key to eliminating the problem. Misbehavior is not always related to shortcomings in training.

Let look at some common sources of cat behavioral problems that might explain why your cat is having problems.

Medical Issues

Many times, conduct issues are a immediate outgrowth of a medical condition. When a cat is unwell, it may behave inappropriately. If your cat begins to show a new dilemma, a change in mood or actions or seems to be “going backwards” in terms of conduct, a trip to the veterinarian may be in order.

If a new conduct problem pops up, be certain to rule out a health care cause. Your pet’s uncommon habits may be its way of “telling you” it does not feel well.

Social Issues

Cats are social animals and changes in their social life can have an influence on behavior. The list of prospective triggers for weak behavior in this category incorporate introducing a new person or baby into the household, bringing a new pet into the household, or a change in an owner’s routine or levels of interaction with the cat.

Cats are also sensitive to changes in others actions and those changes may result in problem conduct. If an owner is sick or is acting in a different way, a cat may respond with unacceptable actions. This may also happen if another household pet builds up a sickness or modifies its behavior considerably.

Environmental Issues

Cats are especially attuned to their surroundings. They respect consistency in their setting and will frequently respond to modifications with misconduct. Anything that modifies a cat’s environment may have an affect on how it behaves.

Certainly, a move to a new place can be irritating for a cat, but so can less environmental changes. Remodeling, new furniture, rearrangement of the home and other things we might see as uniquely positives may bother your cat.

If your cat is engaging in out of character behavior, it may justify a greater focus on your training tactic. However, the problem may be triggered by something other than a shortage of proper positive reinforcement.

A lot of cat conduct problems can be immediately linked to other internal and external aspects that will need to be looked at in order for the habit to stop. In some cases, intervention may be necessary (a veterinary examination, for instance). In other circumstances, the owner should positively encourage his or her pet while the animal becomes accustomed to what it perceives as a bad or at the least inconvenient change. After a time period of realignment, behavior will, most likely improve.


The Historical Background of Siamese Cats

With regards to various cat breeds, the Siamese cats would be the most apparent among them all because they are one of the most well-known breed and their cleverness is over the level of an ordinary cat. Regarding its history, it has never been that precise and full of facts. Before they came in the United Kingdom, their history is not that realistic to any person. 

Siamese Cat Appearance In Ancient Illustrations 

In the late 1700’s, in Russia, engravings of a cat that looked much like the Siamese cat were observed. Drawings of the Siamese cats among others were also present in early text known as the Cat-Book Poems. These are probably the earliest documented Siamese cat history writings we know. 

Siamese Beginnings In England 

The knowledge regarding Siamese cats enhanced after the year 1884 in which a general from the British Consul brought to the UK  two Siamese cats which came from Siam. The two cats, as the legend goes were presents to the general from Siamese King. 

When the pair of cats gave birth to three offspring, it totally captivated the hearts of the Englishmen causing the further progression of the Siamese cat record. The truth is, this was also the start of the increasing popularity of Siamese cats. 

Two Principal Varieties of Siamese Cats 

Siamese cats currently have two breeds that are the classic and the new breeds. The attributes of the traditional breed are having the features of the first Siamese cats which were imported from Siam whereas the new breed tends to have an lengthy and thinner body as well as a smaller head and elongated legs. 

Despite the fact that there are still some people needing to possess a traditional Siamese cat, the new breed is commonly more respected these days. The main signs of a classic breed are the kinks on the tails and also their cross-eyed attribute. Yet, these factors are no longer seen in the modern Siamese cat. 

Today, the only similar features of the Siamese cats are the points seen on their legs as well as their blue eyes. Since this breed has various aspects, Siamese cats today are already quite different from one another. 

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